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Social Security Disability

According to the SSA or Social Security Administration which is a branch of the Federal gov and not state gov, "disability" means the "inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physician or mental impairment which can be expected to last  for a continuous period of not less than twelve months (1 year or more) or result in death."

Very important to file a disability claim as soon as it is known or determined (usually by a medical doctor) that you will not be able to work during the next 12 months or your condition is expected to lead to death.  Due to the fact that it commonly takes a long period of time before your disability claim is processed which could mean a denial in which case you would have to file for disability reconsideration which in turn would take more time. So therefore it is crucial to get started ASAP.  (Social Security Disability Claim review within 24 hours)

However Social Security is not a short term disability. Therefore if you have an accident where you cannot work for several days or even a few months, you will not be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

The benefit amount a person may receive for a successful social security disability and or SSI Disability claim depends on several factors.  Mainly being how long a person was employed and earned during there period of employment. Also for Widows which are/or have become disabled, it would be dependent on how much the spouse earned while employed.  For a disabled child it would depend on how much the parents earned.



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Stages of the Social Security Disability Claims Process:

Do not be surprised if you are denied at the initial stage (good reason why it is wise to have an attorney). Only about 40% of the claims are approved at that stage. The next stage, Reconsideration, about 20% of the individuals win at that stage. The last stage, the Hearing stage is where the individual actually has a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. The hearing is informal with only the judge, his secretary and often times the judge will have a vocational expert present to testify as to what jobs the individual can perform.

Having an attorney makes good sense:

No fee is collected if you're social security disability claim is not won, and fees are only collected on the back end. Lawyers receive 25% of the back benefits up to a certain amount which has been set by law.

  1. Statistically claimants that are represented by an attorney are much more likely to win their claim.
  2. An experienced attorney knows what proof social security and ssi disability system requires
  3. Using legal help eliminates both the necessity of waiting in long government lines and the chance that a government clerk’s incorrect notation on your condition jeopardizing your claim.
  4. All aspects of your case including complicated paper work will be handled professionally.


Statistically individuals who have representation of an attorney for their Social Security Disability or SSi Disability Claim win more often than those who are not represented. Therefore it would be wise to consult with an attorney to have the best chance of a successful claim.
Social Security Disability and SSI Disability Attorney Request Form...Click Here.

What to Expect:

The hardest part of the whole claims process is being patient. Once you request a Social Security Disability or SSi Disability Claims hearing, it may take up to one year to actually have a hearing and then another 3 to 6 months to get a decision.

What we do for you:

Your Social Security Disability or SSi Disability Claim will be handled at any stage in the process including application and appeals. Remember, there are no fees unless you win your case and you collect benefits.

We will:
• Provide you with a thorough evaluation of your Social Security Disability or SSI claim
• Obtain from Social Security the benefit amount you can expect to collect
• Act as your liaison with the Social Security Administration
• Help you complete and process all paperwork and applications for your disability claim
• Investigate all medical documentation and obtain additional reports for your Social Security Disability or SSI Disability Claim
• Prepare you for any Social Security required hearings
• Make sure you receive all the Social Security Disability and/or SSI Disability benefits you are entitled to.

You should speak to a lawyer to address any specific questions about your particular social security disability case. Get started...


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Please Note: This site is operated by a private firm. Based on our experience and knowledge of the Social Security system we can greatly improve your chances of a win, in fact statistically your chances of a win are significantly improved with representation

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